Cleaning the skin before going to sleep-Truth About Cellulite

Cleaning the skin before going to sleep is not limited to the face. Here are some tips to take care of hands and feet at night:

Care of the two men – over a few nights a week, massage your fingertips and ankles by cream contains 12% lactic acid, which helps to get rid of dry skin.
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Put the cream on top of this more effective, such as cream containing shea butter or Algeletsrin. After that, wear a pair of socks on your feet Madketan cream and Akhalda to sleep.

However, it is important to know that some scientists warn of skin wear socks during all hours of the night because the warm, moist environment is ideal for injury fungi.

Hand Care – difficult to use greasy cream for the hands during the day without leaving greasy marks on the keyboard, a mouse and working papers.
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Therefore, the night time period is appropriate for the use of highly effective creams, such as shea butter. Put them with a large amount of skin on the hands and on the elbows.