Joey Atlas-How to make make-up removal wipes manually

Each lady needs to permanently wet wipes in her purse handmade, so for the purposes of adjustment make-up, or remove any impurities on the face, and so of making these napkins on your own without having to buy them from the market, Follow these steps:My Home Page Visit Truth About Cellulite Scam

You need the following components: a thick tissue paper do you use in the kitchen, such as those that will not come apart quite easily, coconut oil available in the market, Face Wash for cleaning make-up tissues, a box to put incest, water.

The method of preparation: Cut the incest long into two pieces, then mix 4 cups of water with half a teaspoon of coconut oil and a sprinkle of face lotion if the napkins customized to remove make-up, mix the mixture, then pour on the incest that is supposed to the box allocated to them.
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Before the closure by cutting scissors in order to cover the enclosure, this way to maintain refreshments in the box at the same time in an easy to use napkins.


Best Steps to Advantageous Skin

Drought,  acne or wrinkles  solutions that easy will keep your skin in great shape year after year. Your skin can reveal the stories of your life, from the effects resulting from the period of pregnancy to the areas affected by the sun.
Hear a lot about how to protect your skin from the rays of the sun , but there are many steps Health Statistics other that can keep your skin  is  gorgeous year after year .

Acne Skin problems associated with hormone is not just for teenagers  could be high levels of progesterone and testosterone before the menstrual cycle cause acne, as well as adults can be around the mouth and chin , and nose could exacerbate tension hormonal eczema , dry , skin , often on the face and hands.

To treat acne for teenagers and adults , and also the problem of inflammatory blackheads and pimples in adolescence , and often describes derms benzoyl In medicine, an assistant professor of dermatology in New York City .

Soothe eczema using a gentle detergent -free perfumes, and if the problem persists , you may need a prescription for a corticosteroid topical .

Check yourself In middle age , you may be damage to  your skin over the years , could begin in this lifetime . could also be the first signs of skin cancer .

Good news : If you been taking care of your skin on a continuous basis , there is a likelihood of 99% that has been treated . advises , MD , professor of clinical assistant in dermatology at the University of California , San Francisco . “Aliki in front of the mirror , examine your entire body , from the scalp ( use the mirror phones) to your feet. “

Any sunscreen protects your skin from harmful rays?

What are the disadvantages of frequent exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays?

The sunlight is transmitted three types of radiation: the infrared, the phenomenon, and ultraviolet radiation. The latter type is the primary cause of skin damage and old age. This is in addition to other effects, including:

Appearance of freckles, a small brown spots around the mouth, nose and cheeks, followed by changes in the colors of the face on the sides and around the mouth and under the eyes, leading to the destruction of the layer protein.

The appearance of wrinkles in places exposed to the sun, leading to premature aging of the skin.

Change the color of the skin, and the existence of differences between the places covered, such as the chest and abdomen, and places are constantly exposed to the sun, such as the face and hands, indicating a direct relationship between exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and increase the thickness of the skin and dries.

How to prevent the sun’s harmful rays?

Wear clothing with long sleeves, and use of umbrellas and sunglasses

The use of masks for skin anti-sun’s harmful rays

Detected on the skin in the event of any changes in the appearance of colors, or wrinkle, or a rash, as it is the signs of exposure to sunlight

How do you choose sunscreen lotion?

To choose a sunscreen lotion, one must consider the following:

1 must contain lotion on sun protection factor 15PDF or more.

2 The product is to be protection of the two types of UV A – B UVA – UVB.

3 to be appropriate preparation to the quality of the skin, whether dry or oily

Getting the Most to the maximum of sunscreen lotion?

Keep lotion sunscreen half an hour before exposure to the sun, the skin dry.

When bathing or swimming, you must re-develop the product again.

Put preparations containing waterproof material, which usually giv protection from the sun for 80 minutes, so it is necessary to re-develop the product after this period, when bathing or when swimming.

How to hands of wrinkles?-Truth About Cellulite

There are many tips and instructions that must be followed to the ladies, in order to obtain a smooth skin of the hands, and at the same time fight against wrinkles that attack them, and summed up these tips are:

Put sunscreen on the hands daily: skin hands are the most exposed to the sun. So we recommend you put the protective cream on the hands daily, to avoid the appearance of wrinkles and lines nagging at an early age.

Wear rubber gloves lined with cotton: emphasize the importance of wearing these jumps when washing dishes or washing clothes on hand. cleaning contain chemicals that damage and cause brittle nails, as well as the use of soap and a nice mild pH level when you wash your hands.

Peeling skin hands: We recommend using a cream Peel and rub your hands twice a week for the renewal of skin cells. You can also, prepare the mixture of salt and lemon juice to exfoliate your skin and rub it on your hands for at least 10 minutes.
Repeat this process twice a week to get the results required. We recommend also using an old toothbrush and scrub the skin to help remove dead skin cells.

Moisturize skin hands: Use a moisturizing cream and moist hands daily to keep the softness and beauty of the skin. As you dry your hands you will avoid the problems that have followed this advice is basic and necessary.
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Wear protective gloves in cold weather to avoid cracking of the skin, as well as washing your hands several times a day to remove microbes that may cause infections or fungi.

Joey Atlas -Aging due to exposure to sunlight

Degradation of collagen and elastin with gravitational pull can lead to some of the traditional signs of skin aging: fine lines around the eyes, deep lines around the mouth and along the front and sagging skin. Usually become more brittle nails, hair has become, well, thin.
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Aging due to exposure to sunlight and light
The biggest reason for skin damage whenever progress in human life is not aging itself, but exposure to the sun . This damage is called aging because of the light. Over the years, causing exposure to sunlight fine wrinkles and large intestine, and make the appearance of the skin with skin yellow, dry and crusty.

This also increases the risk of developing skin cancer . Because exposure to sunlight reduces the concentration of collagen, which supports a network of blood vessels, it makes aging because of the light skin more prone to scarring and more easily.
Can easily distinguish between the effects of aging because of the light and the effects due to the passage of time and aging

Look at the lines and pigmentation of the skin on your face and the back of your hands; Bmlmesh and feel. Now do the same thing on the part of your body is not subjected to a lot of sunlight, such as the lower abdomen or buttocks.
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It can be a big difference, especially if you’re someone who spend very long hours under the sun throughout their lives. People spend billions of dollars each year in attempts to counteract the effects of aging due to exposure to sunlight (read about it in the next chapter, ” Ways skincare and skin rejuvenation procedures “)

The root cause of skin damage caused by exposure to sunlight is UV . Not all types of radiation emitted by the sun are equal. Some wavelengths of ultraviolet light penetrate the skin deeper than the other.

The push to recognize this difference researchers to ask whether some types of ultraviolet radiation caused mainly wrinkles and brown spots (sometimes called “age spots”), while other types of speeds up the process of the skin cancer.

Joey Atlas Review-The effect of exposure to sunlight and aging on the skin

That exposure to sunlight and aging has a significant influence on the skin. It may seem there is some contradiction: where is replaced by the outer layer of the skin, the skin of the once almost every month.

So why Ages and aging skin ?
Part of the aging process is inherited gene completely defines your configuration genetic color of your eyes, and if your hair type wrinkled or Malesa, identifies genes also whether your skin will retain Bmlmesh coherent when you reach the sixties and seventies of age or starts Baltdjad and sag during the forties of age.
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Break down collagen and elastin, which leads to a loosening of the skin and make happen at different rates in different people.
Aging time
Time does do. The more the years passed, the skin being a number of biochemical changes. Epidermal cells do not fall off easily, and the supporting fiber of collagen and elastin breaks.

Does not keep the skin with moisture as it was before and less, also, the skin’s ability to fight off infection, sensation and regulate body temperature.
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Over several decades of sending instructions to the production of new cells, can damage (DNA) RNA skim oxygen and allows the cells to grow out of control and thus lead to the development of skin cancer.

Cleaning the skin before going to sleep-Truth About Cellulite

Cleaning the skin before going to sleep is not limited to the face. Here are some tips to take care of hands and feet at night:

Care of the two men – over a few nights a week, massage your fingertips and ankles by cream contains 12% lactic acid, which helps to get rid of dry skin.
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Put the cream on top of this more effective, such as cream containing shea butter or Algeletsrin. After that, wear a pair of socks on your feet Madketan cream and Akhalda to sleep.

However, it is important to know that some scientists warn of skin wear socks during all hours of the night because the warm, moist environment is ideal for injury fungi.

Hand Care – difficult to use greasy cream for the hands during the day without leaving greasy marks on the keyboard, a mouse and working papers.
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Therefore, the night time period is appropriate for the use of highly effective creams, such as shea butter. Put them with a large amount of skin on the hands and on the elbows.