Joey Atlas Review-Against cellulite make honey massage

To get cellulite removal soak your body in a hot bath for 20 minutes, then gently pat the skin hand towel and apply a thin layer of coffee grounds or fresh ground beans.
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Wrap your hands cling film, cover with a blanket and lie down for half an hour so. After wrapping remnants rinse with warm water and apply a moisturizer. If you have an advanced stage of cellulite, then add a couple of coffee drops of essential oil of lemon, orange or grapefruit.

Against cellulite make honey massage – Cosmetologists say that in the fight against cellulite not yet invented a better means than surgery. For this massage, you will need only the usual natural honey.

Better to ask the husband or friend to help you, because most are not so easy to work out the other arm. Honey must rub between your palms and apply to the skin of the hands, then abruptly tear. The procedure is repeated as long as the hands are no longer stick to the skin.

Massage is quite painful and can sometimes be bruised, but the effect you will notice after a few procedures. For best results, do massage in a day, the total number of procedures – 10-12. Include in your life sport. Cellulite is formed due to the fact that the tissue is not supplied oxygen.


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