Cellulite on arms or how to get rid of cellulite on your hands

Change your diet – In fact, unit women think about how much style food affects their figure. All your cakes, pastries and pizzas sooner or later affect the figure. Of course, if you currently lead an active lifestyle, the calories burned, but with age, the metabolism slows down. Best Ideas here Joeyatlasreview.Com

This means that it is necessary to abandon the flour and sweet for the period of your struggle with cellulite.

Also exclude consumption of carbonated drinks, salted and smoked. Prefer fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and fish. Drink plenty of clean water without gas, and avoid fast food.

To combat cellulite you have to do self-massage – This technique greatly helps in the fight against cellulite, because as you improve blood circulation, warms the skin and stimulate the flow of oxygen to the cells.
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To do this, you can buy a variety of roller massagers, brushes or sponges in order to do massage in the shower on steamed skin or just hands actively to break the fatty layer that prevents you from living.

Against cellulite using coffee or coffee grounds – Coffee in this case need not for ingestion, and for wrapping. For many years, women have used this method to deal with the hated orange peel.

You should do wraps regularly to achieve the best result. Originally carefully skin to make it soft, and the pores open.


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