Joey Atlas Review-The effect of exposure to sunlight and aging on the skin

That exposure to sunlight and aging has a significant influence on the skin. It may seem there is some contradiction: where is replaced by the outer layer of the skin, the skin of the once almost every month.

So why Ages and aging skin ?
Part of the aging process is inherited gene completely defines your configuration genetic color of your eyes, and if your hair type wrinkled or Malesa, identifies genes also whether your skin will retain Bmlmesh coherent when you reach the sixties and seventies of age or starts Baltdjad and sag during the forties of age.
Joey Atlas the Official Website
Break down collagen and elastin, which leads to a loosening of the skin and make happen at different rates in different people.
Aging time
Time does do. The more the years passed, the skin being a number of biochemical changes. Epidermal cells do not fall off easily, and the supporting fiber of collagen and elastin breaks.

Does not keep the skin with moisture as it was before and less, also, the skin’s ability to fight off infection, sensation and regulate body temperature.
Joey Atlas Formula Joeyatlasreview.Com

Over several decades of sending instructions to the production of new cells, can damage (DNA) RNA skim oxygen and allows the cells to grow out of control and thus lead to the development of skin cancer.


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