Joey Atlas -Aging due to exposure to sunlight

Degradation of collagen and elastin with gravitational pull can lead to some of the traditional signs of skin aging: fine lines around the eyes, deep lines around the mouth and along the front and sagging skin. Usually become more brittle nails, hair has become, well, thin.
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Aging due to exposure to sunlight and light
The biggest reason for skin damage whenever progress in human life is not aging itself, but exposure to the sun . This damage is called aging because of the light. Over the years, causing exposure to sunlight fine wrinkles and large intestine, and make the appearance of the skin with skin yellow, dry and crusty.

This also increases the risk of developing skin cancer . Because exposure to sunlight reduces the concentration of collagen, which supports a network of blood vessels, it makes aging because of the light skin more prone to scarring and more easily.
Can easily distinguish between the effects of aging because of the light and the effects due to the passage of time and aging

Look at the lines and pigmentation of the skin on your face and the back of your hands; Bmlmesh and feel. Now do the same thing on the part of your body is not subjected to a lot of sunlight, such as the lower abdomen or buttocks.
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It can be a big difference, especially if you’re someone who spend very long hours under the sun throughout their lives. People spend billions of dollars each year in attempts to counteract the effects of aging due to exposure to sunlight (read about it in the next chapter, ” Ways skincare and skin rejuvenation procedures “)

The root cause of skin damage caused by exposure to sunlight is UV . Not all types of radiation emitted by the sun are equal. Some wavelengths of ultraviolet light penetrate the skin deeper than the other.

The push to recognize this difference researchers to ask whether some types of ultraviolet radiation caused mainly wrinkles and brown spots (sometimes called “age spots”), while other types of speeds up the process of the skin cancer.


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